WSIA Rider Meeting

On Thursday, May 9th in Orlando, Florida, the WSIA assembled a meeting with local professional wakeboarders to discuss the importance of the Wake Responsibly campaign. With over 30 riders, dealers, and other advocates in attendance, the meeting left an impact and helped educate local waterway users about the threats we face as an industry.

The meeting kicked off with host Kevin Michael, WSIA Executive Director, explaining Wake Responsibly’s three pillars, the overall purpose of the campaign, and the battles the WSIA has fought to protect waterways across the United States.

Next up, legendary wakeboarder Danny Harf spoke to the younger generation of riders about the importance of being positive influences to others while on the water – everything from wearing proper life jackets, keeping music at a decent level, maintaining captain’s etiquette, being courteous to property owners and other boaters, and more.

We also heard from Chris Bischoff, WSIA staff member and long-time event director of professional wakeboarding competitions (both domestic and international). He urged riders to spread the word by educating others about Wake Responsibly campaign and being active in their communities with things such as Lake Cleanup Days and more. Overall, the meeting was a huge success and will help protect our local bodies of water for years to come.

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