WSIA Accomplishments

WSIA Accomplishments
WSIA developed unified warning labels for manufacturers’ use on watersports products
A WSIA committee established sourced legal advice and found agencies to test product standards and developed the warning labels and owner’s manuals that the watersports industry uses today. Unified warning labels and owner’s manuals help educate the consumer. Release forms and rental agreements were also provided to the manufacturer and dealer. The result is that the consumer is better educated to use watersports products safely.

WSIA organized “unified hole patterns” for wakeboards
Unlike waterskis, wakeboard manufacturers saw a real benefit to unified-hole patterns for binding inserts. The WSIA was the organizational body that brought these manufacturers together on this subject. Unified-hole patterns have led to interchangeable bindings, making bindings a separately marketed commodity and profit center for manufacturers and dealers. With the ability to put any binding on any board, binding sales have surpassed those of wakeboards.

WSIA supports grassroots water-skiing and wakeboarding.
This has been accomplished by funding growth through grassroots organizaations such as International Water Sports Association (INT), World Wakeboard Association (WWA), and USA Water Ski Association (USAWS). WSIA’s financial support of these organizations has helped to put more people on the water providing family and social opportunities for skiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. Increased participation leads to increased product sales for the dealer.

WSIA manages the industry’s newsletter- Water Sports Retailer
WSIA funds Water Sports Retailer, which includes a paid editor, printing and distribution costs. The title is available for all watersports manufacturers to spread news about their products and services. News should be forwarded to Barb Moreno, editor, at: Free distribution to dealers.

WSIA supports the Annual Source Book and The Ultimate Water Sports Handbook
The Source Book is a “yellow page” guide to the watersports industry. All watersports manufacturers are listed for free. To make sure that your listings appear in the Source Book, please call WSIA at 407-251-9039 or email at
The Ultimate Water Sports Handbook is a safety guide on how to make the most of your new boat while engaging in the many sport disciplines. Contact us through email if you wish to purchase copies.
The Handbook is published by Ken Cook Co.

WSIA organizes and recognizes the “Leadership Awards” at Surf Expo as well as hosting the annual Summit in the Snow
The members of the WSIA vote on the dealers and the manufacturers from six categories for the Leadership Awards. The winning dealers are recognized at the annual WakeBoard & Water Ski Expo. Each dealer is then featured in an issue of WaterSports Retailer during the following calendar year. WSIA also hosts an annual summit to benefit dealers and manufacturers.

WSIA funds waterway initiatives. Our most serious challenge.
Each year the rights to public waterways are challenged and in some cases those rights are lost. The WSIA funds organizations such as USAWS and NMMA to lead the fight against restricted waterways. The funding has been used to lobby legislatures at both the state and national level and to send organized teams to city council meetings across the country. The industry has recently celebrated some major victories in this fight. They would not be possible without the support of the WSIA. Without waterways to conduct watersports, we are all out of business.

WSIA forms Water Sports Foundation (WSF)
In November of 2004, the WSIA formed the WSF. The WSF becomes the educational arm of the WSIA as a 501c3 corporation. This educational arm will focus on the many issues that lie before industry. Carbon monoxide, warnings, safety campaigns, educational campaigns and seminars, will become cornerstones of the WSF. The WSF welcomes contributions from within industry to help offset expenses as it seeks to educate the recreational boater and participants on the potential risks of water sports.

WSIA becomes active in government
WSIA has become active members of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) serving on its Boating Education and Boat and Associated Equipment Committees. In 2005, the WSIA completed coordinating a photo shoot for the USCG’s ‘You’re In Command’ campaign submitting over 4,000 digital images. WSIA also serves on NMMA’s public policy board, is a member of the National Safe Boating Council, and in June 2006 has been appointed a member seat on the National Boating Safety Advisory Council to the Coast Guard. This Council also provides advice to the Department of Homeland Security on matters concerning recreational boating safety. Your WSIA is taking a leadership role within boating and water sports!

WSIA conducts industry survey
A census of product sales occurred in 1996. In 2005, an industry survey was conducted by WSIA to understand the total size of the water sports market reflecting 2004 dollars. The results were tallied by an independent accounting firm and are available to members at no charge. In 2006, another survey was distributed to reflect 2005 dollars. WSIA is anticipating a larger response from manufacturers in order to achieve a more accurate accounting. Interested parties that are non-members can purchase the survey for $500.00.


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