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ORLANDO, FLORIDA April 1, 2013; The WaterSports Industry Association (WSIA) is pleased to announce the release of its first Parasail Safety Tutorial. Mountain Graphix of Dillon, Colorado, produced the tutorial. Peter Rietz of the Rietz Law Firm wrote the script using his proven risk management strategies. For more than a year, WSIA parasail members were invited to contribute to the project both in content and presentation technique. After all stakeholders’ opinions were heard, it was decided to use “crash test dummies” as a major part of the video. This, in part, takes the human element out making the tutorial more relevant to every person regardless of background, ethnicity or level of experience.

Mark Bahr from Marco Island Parasail graciously hosted the initial video shoot. Consensus for the final product was achieved via teleconference and multiple edits. The latest version of the tutorial was shown at the 2013 Parasail Operators Symposium in January at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. At the recent WSIA Summit in the Snow in Steamboat Springs, WSIA’s parasail committee suggested a few more edits and now the final version is ready for release.

All WSIA parasail members will have access to this safety video at no additional charge. With the appropriate password, current WSIA parasail members will be able to log onto the WSIA web site and access the video via WSIA’s Vimeo account. In minutes, WSIA parasail members will be able to use this safety tutorial on location.

It gets even better. Mountain Graphix is offering parasail operators the ability to customize the video specific to their operation by letting the operator add graphics and custom video to the beginning and or end of the core video. The cost for customizing your safety tutorial is also listed at the link below.

Please contact WSIA at 407-251-9039 for additional information on this valuable tool.

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