Grant Request Form

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Revised 7-2006

Thank you for your interest in receiving WSIA grant funding.  Each year the WSIA tries to set aside monies that will support grass-roots initiatives.  Although the WSIA cannot guarantee the total amount of money available, it does try to allocate some resources.  The total amount of resources is at the sole discretion of the WSIA Board of Directors and is determined by the amount of revenues collected through its various programs.

To assure fair treatment to all applicants, we request that each applicant submit their request, in writing, which must be received by WSIA Headquarters no later than June 30th of each calendar year.  For convenience of the organizations seeking support, the proposal process has been designed to be simple and practical in nature.  Applicant requests will be forwarded to the Board of Directors of the WSIA for review.  Grant award recipients will be notified by October of each calendar year and checks dispersed by January of the following year. The applicant must meet the following requirements:


A.  Organization Eligibility for Funding

  • Organizations must be water sports related
  • It must be non-governmental
  • It may be profit or not for profit
  • It must be national in scope with the ability to benefit water sports across the nation, not just on a regional basis.
  • It must be primarily in existence to serve the general interest of water sports
  • It may not be a school, university, hospital, or religious organization
  • It may not limit membership to a specific geographic locale, nor can it confine its activities to a limited or local area.


B.  Grant Proposal Process

Applicants seeking support from the WSIA are required to submit a short proposal, no more than two pages in length that should include:

  • Purpose of the project for which the funds will be used, keeping in mind that the funds will be directed towards projects/programs seeking to improve grass roots or educational water sports initiatives.
  • Amount and duration of the financial support requested.
  • Description of the project/program, justification of the proposal and expected results.
  • Qualifications of personnel working on the project/program.


Also, please attach the following items to the grant request proposal:

  • Budget of the organization/company requesting the grant.
  • Budget for the project/program to benefit from the grant.
  • List of the organizations directors/principles and their affiliations.
  • List of other organizations and/or project funding sources if any.


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