Announcing the WSIA Dealer Alliance


Orlando, Florida December 6, 2012

The Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) has partnered with water sports media provider, Alliance MultiMedia to manage its annual conference, Summit in the Snow. WSIA and Alliance created the WSIA Dealer Alliance, a group of the 21 best water sports dealers in North America, as a way to connect with the veteran group on important water sports issues.

The prestigious 21 dealers were nominated and selected by the WSIA Board of Directors. Alliance MultiMedia representatives will present the invitation to the 21 dealers on behalf of WSIA. At the Summit in the Snow, there will be a special presentation for this group and WSIA looks for the opportunity to meet with the WSIA Dealer Alliance at future key events such as Surf Expo in September.

The Summit in the Snow is the WSIA’s annual conference attracting the most influential manufacturers, OEM suppliers, media representatives, athletes, boat dealers and pro shops. For almost ten years, the Summit in the Snow has been the industry’s off-season gathering point where topics such as risk management, marketing, leadership, merchandising, brand development and crisis management have all been addressed. Former keynote speakers include top execs from Harley Davidson, Rolex, Starbucks, Penske and Vans as well as NBA legend Bill Walton.

In tradition with previous Summit in the Snow events, board and committee meetings will be held. Committees for Cable Parks, Towboats, Camps & Schools, and Parasail will have semi-annual meetings on risk management with WSIA general counsel, Peter Rietz and key members of the Rietz Law Firm. Peter Rietz is also the general counsel for the snow sports, bicycle, and rafting industries and his presentations on risk management are alone worth the price of admission.

While the keynote speakers have not yet been announced, this year’s Summit in the Snow plans an extended presentation of breakout topics delivered by the widest group of expert speakers ever produced. Topics include Exceptional Customer Service, Understanding SEO & Local Search, Social Media Strategy & Optimization, Sales Training, Product Stewardship, NASBLA 101, Risk Management, crash courses on Photoshop & WordPress, Managing Incentives and Delivering Happiness in the Workplace just to name a few.

For more information on attending the Summit in the Snow please visit or call 407-251-9039.

Water sports dealers should contact Rusty Manoff at Alliance MultiMedia at 760-943-6600 ext. 302 or via email to

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About the water sports Industry Association: The WSIA’s mission is to serve as the world’s leading trade association that promotes and protects towed water sports activities. WSIA is the leading advocate that communicates, produces and distributes water sports safety and educational materials. The WSIA works with local, state and federal agencies in partnership with national and international governing bodies to ensure the use of waterways for water sports. Meeting three times per year, the WSIA Board of Directors is represented by every major towboat, waterski, wakeboard, accessory manufacturer, media-provider and engine brand, 27 in all. For more information please contact the WSIA at 407-251-9039 or visit