WSIA Becomes Advocacy Partner Of Boating United 


Today, the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) announced its status as an Advocacy Partner of Boating United, a national community of boating businesses, enthusiasts and supporters.

Boating United helps shape government policy that affects the boating industry and related activities. Through this partnership, the WSIA can assist with towed water sports initiatives, benefitting from the power and great resources of the Boating United organization.

The recreational boating industry supports jobs, economic development and recreational activities for millions of Americans. Boating United says, “We’re not just weekend boaters; we’re employers, manufacturers, taxpayers and citizens who make a difference in all 50 states.”

Boating United has legislative and regulatory issues that are important. These issues affect a uniquely domestic industry that reaches millions of businesses, community members and voters.

With a steadfast approach, Boating United helps policymakers make the right decisions to support the vitality of boating. “That’s why we unite as an industry and let our collective voice be heard in Washington and around the country – to show lawmakers that boating matters.”


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 About the WSIA

The WSIA serves as the world’s leading boating industry advocate that communicates, produces and distributes safety and educational materials for towed water sports. The WSIA works with local, state, and federal agencies in partnership with national and international governing bodies to ensure the use of waterways. As a group, we develop best practices and sustainable growth for all towed water sports.

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