Why You Need To Learn More About BoatPAC


The WSIA encourages you to consider learning more about BoatPAC with regular promotion and also inviting people working in the water sports industry to visit BoatPAC.org to learn more about BoatPAC’s efforts in Washington, D.C.

The underlying theory is that BoatPAC works with candidates regardless of party that have shown and continue to show support for the recreational boating industry’s issues. While we may have legislative challenges and strong competitors, there is strength in numbers. BoatPAC works best when our industry comes together. BoatPAC promotes advocacy and engagement in the political process.

More info: boatpac.org

Questions: Andrew Blascovich — Boat PAC Manager ABlascovich@nmma.org


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More about BoatPAC:

BoatPAC is the recreational boating industry’s political action committee. It works by bringing all industry segments together to support candidates running for Congress who will represent and protect the interests of the recreational boating industry on Capitol Hill. BoatPAC enables the marine industry to build and strengthen relationships with lobbyists, policy-makers, fundraisers and others who share our interests and goals.

Learn more about BoatPAC and how you can help support efforts to promote and protect the recreational boating industry.

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