Indiana Wakesurfing Restrictions: Direct Drive & V-Drive Exempt

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Date: July 13, 2011

The Water Sports Alert Network (WSAN) is your ALERT system to let the water sports community know what’s happening locally in their region as well as other parts of the world that could affect their business. This network alert comes to you courtesy of the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA).

WHO: Indiana Department of Natural Resources

WHAT: Laws that Impact Wakesurfing

WHERE: State of Indiana

WHEN: July 1st, 2011

WHY: The State of Indiana has taken a close look at all of their laws pertaining to recreational boating safety. They were concerned about “platform dragging”, (otherwise known as “teak surfing”), propeller strikes, and other issues that might contribute to boating injuries.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning remains a key issue in many states. The State was also concerned that if someone was to wakesurf behind an outboard or I/O, the wakesurfer would be too close to the “business” end of the outboard or I/O. On July 1, 2011, wakesurfing behind an outboard or I/O will become illegal in the state of Indiana. The new law does not apply to direct drive or V-drive boats.

The WSIA has spoken to Major Michael Portteus about this matter. Major Portteus is the Boating Law Administrator for the State of Indiana. Major Portteus has confirmed with the WSIA that Direct Drive and V-Drive inboard boats are exempt from this new law.

The WSIA remains committed to clarifying issues such as this. We applaud the work of the State of Indiana relative to wakesurfing and will work with them and other states when such issues arise.

WSIA – We can accomplish together what none of us can alone.


We encourage Indiana boaters to print out a copy of the official WSAN alert to keep on their boat.

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