Florida BLA Earns Lifetime Achievement Award

Florida Administrator Receives Prestigious Award For Boating Safety Work

SEATTLE, Wash. (Sept. 14, 2016) – During its 57th annual meeting, held in Seattle Wash., Sept. 11-14, 2016, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) presented Major Richard Moore, boating law administrator of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, as the recipient of its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.
NASBLA first presented its Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. This award is designed for persons who have contributed to boating safety over his or her lifetime or career.

Moore has working in boating safety and conservation law enforcement in Florida since 1990. He worked his way through the ranks as a law enforcement officer, regional training officer, assistant boating safety coordinator, and watch commander. Moore has served as boating law administrator and manager of Florida’s Boating Safety Program since 2002.

Having been a fisherman, hunter and recreational boating enthusiast since high school, his wide variety of boating experiences have led him to develop a genuine passion for taking an active role in making a safe and enjoyable activity for all who participate.
He has taken leading roles representing the boating safety interests of the State of Florida at both the state and national levels, including positions such as member and regional reviewer on NASBLA’s Education Committee, chair of NASBLA’s Boating Accident Investigation, Reporting and Analysis Committee, member of the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Boating Safety Advisory Council, president of the Southern States Boating Law Administrators Association and member of NASBLA’s Executive Board, serving a term as the organization’s president in 2008-2009.

In 2011 Moore was selected as the program manager for NASBLA’s Boating Under the Influence courses. Under his leadership and direction, NASBLA has created new standards in field sobriety tests and applied those standards to redesigning a national curriculum for teach BUI detection and enforcement.

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators is a national nonprofit organization that works to develop public policy for recreational boating safety. NASBLA represents the recreational boating authorities of all 50 states and the U.S. territories. NASBLA offers a variety of resources, including training, model acts, education standards and publications. Through a national network of thousands of professional educators, law enforcement officers and volunteers, the organization affects the lives of over 76 million American boaters. To learn more about how NASBLA continues to make the waterways safe, secure and enjoyable, visit http://www.nasbla.org.

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