Wakeboarding Hall Of Fame: Initial Inductees Honored


Wakeboarding Hall Of Fame inductees plus several of the HOF board members.

(L-R) Shannon Best (board member), Shaun Moore (board member), Tony Klarich (board member), Tom King (Inductee: Creator Category), Paul O’Brien on behalf of Herb O’Brien (Inductee: Founder Category), Eric Perez (Inductee: Athlete), Tony Finn (Inductee: Founder), Andrea Gaytan (Inductee: Athlete), Jimmy Redmon (Inductee: Founder), Tommy Phillips (WHOF President), Joe Pearson (board member)

(Back Row) Pat McElhinney (board member), Jim Emmons (board member)

Surf Expo marked the one-year anniversary of the Wakeboarding Hall Of Fame. 13 board members and eight historical advisors help to guide this organization.

For this inaugural induction, athletes were considered by their overall legacies and contribution to the sport. WHOF board members and advisors voted unanimously to induct these six outstanding contributors for the 2015 season. Each new member has a legacy page at WakeboardingHallOfFame.com. These pages will also be updated several times a year. New inductees will serve as advisors and voters for the 2016 class. Nominations begin in Feb 2016.


Photos: Ben Johnston of Wake Journal

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