2018 WSIA Summit: Special Guest Matt Manzari

As the 2018 Summit approaches, WSIA looks forward to a productive few days in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. On February 27th and 28th, top water sports industry professionals will join each other in the mountains to collaborate, share best practices, and navigate through key issues to preserve the future of towed water sports.

Although the annual Summit is primarily focused on these important factors, WSIA always ensures a heavy dose of inspiration and entertainment. A taste of this will come Tuesday night during the exciting “Dinner on the Mountain,” where attendees will listen to Summit’s special guest Matt Manzari speak.

If you’re in the towed water sports world, most likely you’ve heard Matt Manzari’s name somewhere down the line. Matt Manzari was a professional wakeskater for nine years, until he ran into a pair of unfortunate accidents that have changed his life.

While wakeskating in 2012, Matt collided with a pile of sharp rocks, breaking his skull and jaw in 13 places, requiring 16 screws and plates in his face. He also suffered rebar injuries to his leg, a broken tailbone and crushed hand. Shortly after his recovery, Matt was severely injured again in a near-death accident in 2014, while donating his time trimming trees for his local church.

Despite his hardships, Matt has remained positive through it all. And without a doubt, he’s one of the kindest and most inspirational humans you will meet. He has a desire to share his story with people from all walks of life, helping to encourage others to make it through their own trials.

Do not miss Matt and his inspirational delivery of “Beyond the Burn,” a peek into his personal journey and a message of overcoming any difficulty. Register now!

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Words: Emily Dale

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